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ECS9 is planned as an in presence event.

The school will be held in Nancy (France), at the site of the Faculté des Sciences et Technologies of Université de Lorraine.

ECS9 edition will focus on the improving of crystallography skills: from basic structure analysis to understanding of chemical bonds, bonding interactions and structure-properties relationships in materials. Main sections will deal with:
     (i)  An introduction to X-Ray Diffraction (XRD) theory
     (ii) Structure determination and analysis
     (iii) Packing and interaction analyses
     (iv) Using aspherical models of the electron density distribution
     (v)  Crystallography under constraints.

The school will be directed to undergraduate, graduate, postgraduate and young scientists (assistant professors, post-doctoral research fellows) from different fields (chemistry, physics, material science, biochemistry, medicinal chemistry, ...) who are eager to improve their crystallography skills.

Fundamental lectures will be mainly taught during the mornings. Afternoons will be dedicated to lectures on applications and practical courses hands-on tutorials.


ECS9 Chair: Enrique ESPINOSA
ECS9 Co-Chair: Dominik SCHANIEL

Secretary: Anne CLAUSSE, Valérie RICHALET

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